Kanarraville, Utah was originally settled around 1862 when inhabitants of Fort Harmony were washed out by heavy rains and forced to move to another location. Originally called Kanarra, it was named after a Piute Indian Chief, Canarrah (or Quanarrah), who lived near the settlement at the time. Families from Long Valley and Toquerville also joined the settlement and assisted with fortifying it against Indian threats. The community was historically supported by farming, ranching and coal mining, and currently maintains a population of approximately 450.

The Town of Kanarraville was incorporated in 1934 and seeks to maintain a small, rural and agricultural community, depending upon nearby Cedar City for its commercial and industrial needs. Kanarraville Town maintains a culinary water system, community parks, a fire department, and a cemetery. Spring Creek and Kanarra Falls are local hiking trails that attract tens of thousands of visitors every year.

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Walter Hayward and his wife, Maria, paved the way for the preserving the history of Kanarraville. On September 7, 2005, their love for history, hard work, and dedication paid off when the Kanarraville Historical Society was finally recognized as a non-profit organization. This organization is dedicated to preserving the rich history of our small community through historical buildings, artifacts, photographs, and personal stories. Over the years, many presidents and their committee members have preserved the town’s history and heritage by dedicating their time and efforts.

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Historical Society Contact Information:

President: Brenda Pugh
Vice President: Katie Humes
Collections Curators: Lynn Williams and Melissa Allen
Committee Members: Dana Murdock, Marlene Huston, Gen Phelps, Mary Wininger, Bobbie Coffman, Hollie Crider

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